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A photographic project to benefit the nonprofit organization Chrysalis

the project

A photographic portrait is a moment preserved in time.  By capturing unique and singular images of each subject, this project aims to help fund the compassionate, necessary work carried out by Chrysalis. Through the sale of these exclusive prints, we strive to be a real part of the lasting impact Chrysalis makes in helping low-income individuals and those experiencing homelessness prepare for, find and keep purposeful jobs.

The goal of this endeavor is to raise money for Chrysalis via an online auction and/or in-person exhibition by creating and selling a tangible piece of art that resides in the physical world rather than the digital world.

The project will capture the images of individuals participating in the Chrysalis program as well as a mixture of artists, painters, actors, musicians, writers, etc.   The concept is to photograph an intimate, authentic moment with each subject that reflects our shared humanity. 


There will be two unique prints made of each portrait.  The first print, sized 12x18 inches, will be sold singularly.  A second print, sized 8x12 inches, will be a part of a comprehensive anthology of all the photos in the series to be sold as a complete collection.


*Each print will be signed and numbered 1/1 and will be the sole copy produced in each format.

the charity

Chrysalis’ mission is to serve people navigating barriers to the workforce by offering a job-readiness program, individualized supportive services, and paid transitional employment.  They empower their clients on their pathway to stability, security, and fulfillment in their work and lives. Since their start in 1984, they have helped over 77,000 individuals change their lives through jobs.  Chrysalis’ five centers and locations are located where homelessness and pockets of poverty are most pervasive:  Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and in the Pacoima area of the San Fernando Valley.  They also offer employment services at the DOORS office within the Reentry Opportunity Center in South Los Angeles.  In 2018, the organization expanded its services to Orange County. In 2021, despite continued challenges posed by the pandemic, Chrysalis:

  • Welcomed 2,957 new clients into their Employment Program

  • Helped 1,566 clients find jobs with outside employers (these clients earned an average wage of $17.08/hour)

  • Provided transitional employment for 1,589 clients through their Chrysalis Enterprises businesses

  • Paid over $17 million in client wages for transitional workers

Chrysalis also provides:

  • One on one support from employment specialists

  • Job search toolkit and employment preparation classes

  • Tips on addressing previous convictions with new employers

  • Resume writing services and practice interviews

  • Online job application assistance

  • Computer lab and telephone access

  • Providing professional attire and hygiene items

  • Transitional employment opportunities

  • Referrals to community partners

Chrysalis is a 501(C)(3) Organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1985, and tax donations are tax-deductible.

the team

Jason S. ( Mandrake The Black )

Jason co-created and co-directed the Webby award winning documentary series Interview Project, giving a voice to those individuals around the United States who are often forgotten.  Over a 12 year period he also produced, directed and filmed a three part documentary series about David Lynch.  David lynch:  The Art Life  premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2016.


Jason began his film and photography career in the late 90’s while working for Lynch, documenting the people of Hollywood Boulevard who were experiencing homelessness. 25 years later that experience still resonates with him and he continues to champion those in need.



Elena Nuñez

Primarily an architectural and landscape photographer, Nuñez has made the recent shift to portrait photography.  Having traveled the world and interacted with a variety of cultures during her career, Elena has the ability to instantly make people feel at ease in front of the lens.  She brings to the team a fresh approach to composition as well as a unique perspective on the photographer / subject interaction.   


When Elena is not working as a photographer, she is fiercely advocating for the rights of children with learning disabilities.



Mallory Powers Loring

Mallory will serve as the point of contact for the Chrysalis organization and as an advocate for Chrysalis clients and employees who are photographed for this project.

Prior to her role as Chrysalis’ Director of Donor Engagement & Communications, Mallory served as the organization’s Manager of Marketing, Communications, & Design.  In her past five years with Chrysalis, she has contributed her leadership, messaging expertise, and branding knowledge to the organization during a period of great growth – starting in 2017 with a historic strategic plan that challenged the organization to support clients in ways that would double the annual number of job outcomes by the end of 2021.

Jeremy Alter

Award-winning filmmaker Jeremy Alter has produced and directed in a wide range of media including feature films, tv shows, documentaries, music videos and commercials.  His projects have amassed over three quarter of a billion hits on YouTube alone.  His vast production experience includes work on over 50 high profile feature films including producing David Lynch’s renowned feature film Inland Empire.  Alter produced the critically acclaimed film Touched with Fire starring Katie Holmes and executive produced by Spike Lee.  His current project is the television pilot Ramble On created and directed by Doug Ellin (Entourage) starring Charlie Sheen, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and a host of others.  Alter’s extensive filming throughout Southern California exposed him to the ever-growing homeless epidemic and motivated him to partner with Jason S. on this very important project. 

george griffith

George was born in Philadelphia.  He trained as an actor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and at the Circle in the Square Professional Workshop in New York City.  He has performed and directed on stage in New York, Los Angeles, and Edinburgh.  His directorial debut, From The Head , was acknowledged by cinematic luminary, David Lynch, who said it was:  "Beautifully written.  Beautifully directed.  Beautifully acted.  Beautifully filmed."


In his 2018 autobiography, Room To Dream, Lynch says:  "George made a film called From The Head... and when I saw it I knew he'd make a great Ray Monroe."  Griffith's enigmatic portrayal of the duplicitous informant drew much attention and earned him a firm place in fans' minds forever as "that fucker Ray".

the images


the black



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